Thursday, 6 December 2007

Teenage Head - Teenage Head (1979)-1996

Teenage Head is a Canadian rock group from Hamilton, Ontario and was one of the most popular Canadian punk rock bands during the early 1980s. They were sometimes referred to as the "Canadian Ramones", despite the fact that their sound was closer to rockabilly than to some of the Ramones' 60s pop influences. Nevertheless, they shared with the Ramones a love of goofy lyrics and a ferocious live show. Although the band is still recording and touring as a unit, they have never succeeded in recapturing their early audience.
Teenage Head - Teenage Head (1979)-1996

Track List:
1. You're Tearin' Me Apart
2. Ain't Got No Sense
3. Bonerack
4. Picture My Face
5. Lucy Potato
6. Little Boxes
7. Curtain Jumper
8. Top Down
9. Get off My Back
10. Kissin' the Carpet
11. Disgusteen
12. You're Tearin' Me Apart
13. Bonerack
14. Lucy Potato
15. Top Down [New Version]

CD - 1996
Original Release Date - 1979

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