Thursday, 6 March 2008

Complete Control - Reaction (2004)

Complete Control - Reaction

"Reaction" is 11 songs of high-energy dynamite that blends the barking bare-knuckled punch of UK82 Punk with the adrenalized, robotic energy of New Wave. You won’t know whether to down a pint and smash the glass over your neighbor’s head or pogo madly in place like a spastic geek. This is a surprising first record in its confidence and its freshness in a genre that can seem sometimes stuck in a well-worn groove. Great songs and a taught spring-tight band that chases you through alleys and back streets with urgent sirens of guitar leads firing stacatto machine gun drums over your head. WARNING: Speedballing these 11 tracks in one sitting may cause heart palpitations, elevated blood pressure levels and other desirable reactions.

Year: 2004
TKO Records
Bitrate: 256 kb/s

1. Reaction
2. Sick and Tired
3. Blame
4. Substance Control
5. Locked In
6. Bodies Are Burning
7. Guilty
8. Keep Me Out
9. Are You Ready
10. On the Outside
11. In the End

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