Friday, 7 March 2008

Fleas And Lice - Prepare For Armageddon (2005)

Fleas And Lice - Prepare For Armageddon

Eleven tracks of some of the best crust core punk rock The Netherlands has ever seen! In all seriousness, Groningen, Holland-based Fleas and Lice have been producing some of the catchiest punk rock heard on mainland Europe for the past decade. On their 3rd LP they added two Scotsmen to complete the line-up. You can't overhear their influence on the new material. Musically this is mainly mid-tempo to fast punk rock with powerful twin buzz-saw gitars and gruff male and female vocals. The lyrics and packaging are Fleas and Lice's signature blend of anarcho-punk politics, sarcasm wit, and just plain drunken antics, all designed to help get you through the drudgery of everyday survival.

Year: 2005
Label: Rodent Popsicle
Bitrate: 160 kb/s

1 No Confusion No Division
2 Free World
3 Don't Say Cunt
4 Industrial Brutality
5 Skag
6 Insane
7 Prepare For Armageddon
8 Art Of Death
9 Take It Back
10 Never Enough
11 Fear

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